Charlestown Cuteness

January 2nd, 2014
kellies hood-1

Guys, I told you I would be posting more in the New Year! I’m following through! Aren’t you proud?! Okay, this post might not technically count since it’s a guest post, but give me a little credit, will ya? I think it’s pretty impressive that I got anything done today, considering how many glasses of [&hellip

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Don’t Hate Me!

December 12th, 2013
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Guys, I have been absolutely awful keeping with this blog! In the New Year, that’s going to change–I promise. I’m not even sure if people are still reading this . . . but if you are, thank you so much and I am SO sorry. I’m finally starting to get into a routine at Gloss48 [&hellip

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It’s Go Time: Just DAYS Until Our Re-launch!

October 14th, 2013

Only A FEW DAYS until our re-launch! I can’t believe I’m no longer saying “weeks,” but DAYS! If you haven’t signed up for exclusive access to the soft launch of Gloss48 yet, now is your last chance! I’m not at liberty to reveal the brands that we’ll be featuring on the big day, but I can tell [&hellip

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My Coworker’s Life is Effing ADORABLE

October 7th, 2013
zoey fur vest

As most of you have figured out, I’ve been slacking. I haven’t updated this blog in far too long, and my excuse is that I’m now very busy and important because I have a big girl job at Gloss48. We have a team of six–three founders (Jill, Laura, and Jodi), plus the buyer (Mara), the [&hellip

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My New Job! (Psssst…You’re Invited!)

September 23rd, 2013

Beauty addicts, rejoice! As prepares for our re-launch, I’m inviting all my beloved readers to sign up for VIP access to the site. Use the link below to sign up and earn $5, then earn $5 for every friend you refer! WTF is Gloss48? It’s the reason you haven’t seen me updating Boston By [&hellip

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St. Patty’s Wears That You Can Love All Year

March 13th, 2013

St. Patty’s Day. It’s one of Beantown’s sloppiest and most glorious holidays, right on par with Marathon Monday. The former involves getting shitfaced and watching a parade; the latter, getting shitfaced and watching people run. Both are magnificent, since all Bostonians take great pleasure in daydrinking. (We’re Irish–it’s like, our culture!) But, St. Patty’s sometimes [&hellip

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Spring Breaking? Here’s Boston’s Best Globetrotting Gear (& it’s all On Sale!)

March 12th, 2013

Intermix (186 Newbury): Boston’s A-list worships this haven of splurge-worthy garb, which is precisely why it’s currently doubling in size by expanding into the former Aldo Accessories. It’s impossible not to obsess over the selection of Missoni crochet-knit headbands, which are perfect for taming stray hairs in style while simultaneously protecting your highlights from the [&hellip

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Restoration Hardware’s Debut Party is a Total Dud

March 7th, 2013

This is majorly disappointing, and it truly breaks my heart to report it–but Restoration Hardware’s grand opening party was a dud of epic proportions, and seriously blew. The potential for an incredibly glamorous affair was there, but Resto completely missed the mark by inviting about 3000 people too many. The goal of the night was [&hellip

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The Ancient Legend of the “Cool Girl”

January 23rd, 2013

When football season hits Boston, throngs of pathetic girls emerge from the woodwork on command, and my eyes immediately start to roll. You know the type. They wear tiny Patriots shirts and three pounds of makeup. As they stare vapidly at the game, it’s clear that they have no understanding of it and even less [&hellip

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Back Bay Who?? The Seaport’s Where It’s At

October 31st, 2012

Lately, Back Bay’s historic charm seems to be . . . well, history, taking a backseat to the modern allure of the emerging Innovation District, aka the Seaport. This area is undergoing as many transformations as a contestant on The Swan (why oh WHY was that show cancelled??), and so far the results are just [&hellip

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